monkey knuckles trick book

One of the challenges of introducing a new skill toy is establishing a base of ideas so that people have some idea about the potential for what the toy can do. In the case of Monkey Knuckles, it's compounded a bit because the play is continuous. It's not like a yo-yo where there is a beginning and end to each "trick". With MK, there is a continuous flow and progression from one technique to the next. And there is no "reset" like in juggling or other skill toys where you make drop and start over... MK allows you to flow from one style to the next, and if you mess up one technique and miss a catch or something, there is almost always a way to recover and go on to a new trick without stopping.

When introducing MK, I usually talk about schools, or styles of play, or ways of holding the toy, rather than discrete tricks... but after playing the toy myself for so many years, I've developed a good repertoire of funky little moves and I don't want to lose them. So, despite my reservations, I've started assembling a series of short clips breaking down these tricks. Introducing the Monkey Knuckles Trick Book. A few samples are below, but check in with our YouTube channel for more updates. And take these as inspiration rather than instruction.. Be your own circus!

Horizontal Flow

One-handed Spiral Wrap

The Basic Roll

Connected Juggling

One Ball Virtual Stalls

Two Ball Virtual Stalls