Aroundsquare is a Canadian company, and we've had great support from a handful of independent toy stores up here since the beginning. We got our start in Calgary, and the Calgary community has been awesome actually, with great thanks to longtime friends, Livingstone and Cavell Extraordinary Toys, Monkey Shines Children's Books, and Riva's Eco Store. Our first real exposure to the rest of Canada came this year at the Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair this pas January. We connected up with a bunch of cool independent stores east and west of crude country. And we also met, for the first time, a very cool Canadian distributor specializing in eco-friendly and socially responsible toys. They represent very cool and unique brands across Canada, and Aroundsquare is proud to announce that we are partnering with Ecoparade for distribution across Canada. This partnership will finally provide Aroundsquare with distribution and sales representation across Canada, and positions our toys alongside other sustainable and socially conscious brands we love, like Goki, Holztiger, and Varis. Our whole line of Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks will be available through Ecoparade. Visit for more details! Our toys will still be available to retail customers through our website here, and folks are still welcome to contact us directly with wholesale inquiries, but we encourage you to check out Ecoparade and the other terrific brands they rep as well!