wrecking balls

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Aroundsquare takes play seriously. We see it as an inherent drive to explore and experiment, and as a consequence, we see it as a critical part of how kids learn how the world works. With this as a starting point, we can begin to differentiate the different kinds of play. Most of the toys out there these days are directive. They're designed to either entertain kids while they sit passively, or they tell the kids what to do. Aroundsquare's toys are about the opposite. They are tools. They are platforms for expression. There is no right or wrong way to play, and they leave a lot up to the imagination. This kind of decision-making is critical for the development of fully autonomous adults, able to think for themselves, take initiative, and get things done. 

Our newest toy, Monkey Knuckles, has been in the cooker for a while. We're excited to finally be bringing it out into the world. There has been a recent resurgence of interest in skill toys--probably a response to the feeling that we're spending collectively all too much time in front of screens. That's the thing about people, and especially kids. You can't make them sit passively for too long before they start to rebel. We hope that our toys will contribute to this shift, and provide an mechanism for creative folks to step up their game.