doing well by doing good

Aroundsquare is pleased to announce that it has just been recertified by B Labs for its second term as a B Corporation. Not only that, but we've increased our score substantially on the rigorous B Corporation Impact Assessment. In our first two-year term, we sat at 88.6 out of a possible 200 points. The standard is high, companies need to be doing real things to earn each point.. green-washing does not count for anything.. and only those above 80 are eligible for certification. This year, we've jumped up to 112.5, through an ongoing effort to get better at what we do. This puts us up very high on the B Corp index itself. In addition, AO2 achieved the standard of excellence in all three applicable areas, governance, community, and environment. As Aroundsquare continues to learn and refine its processes, more good will come. To this end, the B Corps community, and the assessment itself, have been extremely helpful in providing structure and examples of best practices for the concepts of social entrepreneurship and clean capitalism.

For anyone interested, this is quite the opposite of marketing. This is about accountability. When a B Corporation makes a claim that they are doing good for the community, or being environmentally responsible, B Labs holds us accountable for those statements. The impact assessment is detailed, and is just the start of the process. After taking the assessment, prospective B Corps are required to go through an interview to discuss the responses to key questions, and provide additional details. The third step is to provide the required backup and documentation for the claims that are made. B Labs also conducts audits. 10% of B Corps are audited every year, meaning that within the two year term, every B Corp has a one in five chance of being audited.

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