aroundsquare's bogo shop

Goodwood Mulch Heap 256.jpg

aroundsquare's online shop is now live.  ao2 prefers neighbourhood toy stores, and we encourage you to get our blocks through one of our retail friends.. and if your local shop doesn't have our toys, put them in touch with us, huh.  but we recognize that for some people, the easiest way to get our blocks might be online.. so, welcome. 

aroundsquare believes in the power of play, and thinks that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that real creative play has to offer.  for this reason, our shop is exclusively "bogo".. buy one, give one.  when you buy directly from aroundsquare online, your purchase will be matched by a donation of an equivalent set to a childcare facility where the toys will be enjoyed by children in need.  aroundsquare partners with a variety of orphanages, nursaries, and kindergartens in countries around the world.  living up to their name, aroundsquare's goodwood blocks are currently doing good for the heads, hearts, and hands of children as far away as Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Mongolia, and Thailand.  if you are interested in the "bogo" charity model, "b corporations", aid effectiveness, or any other aspect of aroundsquare's business, contact matt (  if you just want some blocks, that's cool too..

the goodwood deconstruction blocks are designed in Canada for real creative play.. play for play's sake.  the seven designs in the range are inter-compatible, and independently tested for CPSIA and CE compliance.  the blocks are proudly handmade in China, in a small and ethically run factory.  they're made from sustainably harvested rubber wood, and painted in a non-toxic water-based acrylic.