benefitting the beneficial

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aroundsquare is committed to conducting business in a way which delivers benefits at each step.  to that end, we're constantly reflecting on questions like who we should be doing business with, from manufacturing partners all the way through to our retail partners.  the store that you might see our products in.. those are no accident.  we like to support good independent stores, stores which contribute something to the community, stores which care about quality, and care about play.  

in addition to making donations of our products to education and childcare centres in the developing world, we also provide special pricing for children's museums, and benefit-driven business which are doing something more than just trying to make a buck.  

in keeping with this spirit, we are launching a new program to extend our hand to non-profits and charitable organizations. consider it fair trade fundraising.

but we also want to leverage our efforts, and so we're extending our hand to non-profits, charitable organizations, and other groups that are out to do some good.  to these groups, we are offering our products up at minimal cost for fundraising initiatives.  it's a little ironic that the archetypal fundraiser for kids' sports teams is chocolate covered almonds.. for other groups it's cookies, or popcorn, or pizza.  what exactly are the two sides supporting when they agree to buy and sell these things?  we can do better than that.  aroundsquare toys are sustainably manufactured, in an ethically run factory.. and the award-winning toys themselves are good for kids.

if your group, or a group you know about is looking for fundraising ideas, please pass along the suggestion that they contact aroundsquare ( or +14033997449).  we would be pleased to discuss how we might be able to help.  aroundsquare is a certified B Corporation.