Summer 2017 AO2 Crew Care Package

In order to keep things organized and save me having to trace back through IG chats etc., please fill out the form below. There are a few beads that I want everyone to have.. make sure you have at least:

  • 1 set of Hybrids,
  • a set of the Mini Titans,
  • a set of Delrin Hardcore Titans,
  • a set of the Heracles with the silicone bands
  • as well as a metal knucklebone and a delrin knucklebone

Some of you have the Hybrids already, but I'm down to refresh if yours are beaten already. For those of you who haven't been posting much, that list is probably plenty already, but if your heart is burning for something more, I'm not gonna be stingy, so request whatever beads you like. If you've been repping hard (you know who you are), feel free to select as many as you'd like. Thanks to all of you, whether you're super active, or in a less active phase for whatever reason, you're all awesome and I'm grateful to have you on the team and repping the brand.